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Your online location for Tax Credit affordable housing compliance information!

Welcome to "The Place" for affordable housing professionals seeking up-to-date, real-world and dynamic Tax Credit compliance information. Whether you call it the Low Income Housing Tax Credit, LIHTC, LIHC, "Ly-Tech", Section 42, Housing Credit or Tax Credit Program, you have arrived at the right place! This is "The Place" where truly smart, progressive, hungry-for-information industry professionals with a desire to become and stay Compliance Confident "gather" to learn everything there is to know about the Tax Credit Program and its compliance & property management requirements!

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Elizabeth L. Moreland




"My goal, quite simply, is to prevent people  from feeling overwhelmed by the Program rules and all of the responsibilities that come with managing a Tax Credit property like I was when I was in the field!"  Elizabeth says, "It was so frustrating! So when I started Elizabeth Moreland Consulting, I vowed to make a difference and to help people become
Compliance Confident!"

Most frequently asked questions about our products & services...

Elizabeth Moreland Consulting, Inc.

6907 University Ave

Suite 196

Middleton, WI 53562









Be Sure To Implement the 2017 Income Limits Correctly

The 2017 Income Limits were published on 4/14/2017 with a 4/14/2017 effective date. To learn all the details...


If you need to learn more about the Housing Credit Program's income limit implementation, check out our online course available at our Housing Credit Training Center. Housing Credits 205: Income Limits, Rents and Utility Allowances is only $249.

CLICK HERE to learn more

October 11 & 12, 2017 u Madison, WI

Join your industry peers from around the country as we Master Affordable Housing Together! During this 2 day event, we will tackle the biggest compliance & managements issues and discuss & share practical solutions! Packed with information helping you effectively and efficiently streamline your operations, the 2017 National Compliance Professional (NCP) Conference is the one event you won’t want to miss. Multiple discounts available including a $50 Early Bird discount allowing you to take as much as $375 off the regular registration price.

Current discounts expire on 6/30/2017

CLICK HERE to learn more

2017 NCP Conference Sponsors


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Consider Becoming a Conference Sponsor

This is our 14th annual compliance & management focused conference. Every year, the audience is filled with their company's decision-makers attending to find solutions to their compliance & management problems and are constantly on the serarch for tools & services that will help streamline their operations. This is the perfect opportunity to show what your company has to offer in a relaxed atmosphere that allows you to get to know your potential customers and their wants/needs.

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There is Still Time to Renew Your NCP Designation & Membership

If you are a member of the NCP Membership Group, whether as an NCP-Candidate, NCP, or NCP-Executive, your membership expired on December 31, 2016. If you haven't had a chance to renew, don't worry. We understand how crazy year-end can get both personally and professional. However, don't delay further and miss losing out on the benefits your membership and designation bring you. In fact, you can renew in less than 5 minutes online without the hassle of gathering a bunch of documentation & filling out a lengthy form. Plus, we have implemented a GO GREEN discount if you renew online and will reward you with an additional discount of as much as $25. You can also renew offline if that works better for you. Either way, don't delay any further!

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New Courses Available at the


Continuing Education Course

Every year industry professionals must keep abreast of the changes & latest news affecting affordable housing. This can be tough! But this year, in an effort to help, Elizabeth has put together a continuing education class that reviews & discusses the latest program changes affecting the LIHC, HUD, HOME, Bond & RD programs. Discussing the Industry's Latest News & Hottest Issues is a perfect way to learn the latest affecting our industry but also a great way to earn your continuing education units for any industry compliance designations you hold or to meet your state HFA education requirements as by completing the course you will earn 6 CEUs!

Only $199!
CLICK HERE to learn more & register


Compliance Basics for IOWA Properties

Elizabeth has created and posted a new online course specifically for Iowa properties... Housing Credits 300: Compliance Basics for IOWA Properties. This course teaches the compliance fundamentals of the program and the specific requirements governed by the Iowa Finance Authority (IFA). Fully reviewed and approved by IFA! If you or a member of your team need to learn the program fundamentals and the IFA specifics, be sure to register. Covers eligibility including income eligibility & full-time students, verification procedures, income/asset calculations and the special programs rules including the Available Unit Rule, Unit Transfers, Unit Vacancy Rule and IFA's reporting requirements.

Only $49!
CLICK HERE to learn more & register


State Agency Staff Receive FREE Training

I make all of my Housing Credit Training Center courses available to HFA staff members free of charge. It is my way of showing my appreciation for all the hard work you and your staff do in the Housing Credit Program! Without your dedication, the program just wouldn’t work as well as it does. Anytime, now or in the future, that you need training for you or your staff… we are here! No strings attached!

for registration instructions.


If you would like a state-specific compliance course like the ones Elizabeth created for Iowa, Indiana & Kansas, please contact us.
NO hidden costs or charges for course creation or hosting.

Contact Elizabeth directly at
 elizabeth.moreland@housingcredits.com to discuss.


Finally, someone who can translate IRS verbiage into English! Yahoo!" 
Teri Hoerntlein,
Comm. Manager,
Southern Cal. Housing,
Rancho Cucamonga, CA

"The absolute industry leader! A must for anyone in Section 42 housing."
Kristin Saddoris,
Dir. of Section 42 Development, Conlin Properties,
Des Moines, IA

"Elizabeth Moreland Consulting is always up to the minute on the industry info!" 
Janice Higgins,
Property Manager,
The Hodges Companies,
Concord, NH

"Tax Credit onsite staff  deserve the knowledge Elizabeth shares. She definitely delivers.”
Barbara Soloway,
Senior Property Officer, Westbrook Housing Authority Westbrook, ME

"Elizabeth Moreland is completely jiggy with
Housing Credits."

Jon Brown,
Real Page, Inc.,
Dallas, TX

"Elizabeth brings a passion to the Tax Credits with a vast array of knowledge, practical, application & experience, then sprinkles it with humor."
Donna Overstreet, Manager,
Cypress Point, Casa Grande, AZ

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Latest News...

Updated 4/14/2017

2017 Income Limits Published

The 2017 Income Limits were published on 4/14/2017 with a 4/14/2017 effective date. To learn all the details CLICK HERE.

Updated 315//2017

GAO Report Examines Role of Syndicators

On March 1, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) released its 3rd report in a series of 4 on the Housing Credit Program, this time focusing on the role of syndicators, the factors that influence their use and the characteristics of active syndcators in the Housing Credit market. The report indicates that of the 36 syndicators surveyed, more than $100 billion in equity has been raised since 1986 and 20,000 properties and 1.4 million units were placed in service through 2014. No recommendations were made. GAO had initially intended to include its study of syndicators within its 3rd report on  development costs. Instead, due to delays in finalizing its development cost research, GAO created a free standing report on syndicators. The 4th and final report on development costs is not expected to be released until sometime in 2017. To refresh your memory, the first 2 reports focused on federal oversight (released in July 2015), and state administration (released in May 2016).

Updated 3/2/2017

Cabinet Posts Filled for HUD & Treasury Secretary

On March 2, the Senate confirmed Dr. Carson to serve as the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. Carson has spoken positively about the Housing Credit Program emphasizing the strong connection between housing and health. Earlier this month, the Senate also confirmed Steve Mnuchin to serve as Secretary of the Treasury and was sworn in shortly thereafter.

Updated 2/28/2017

2017 Population Estimates Released

On February 27, the IRS published Notice 2017-19 which lists the 2017 population figures. These figures are used to determine the Housing Credit program’s tax credit ceiling and the Bond program’s tax-exempt private activity bond caps. This year, each state’s tax credit ceiling is the greater of $2.35 multiplied by the population or $2.71 million and for tax-exempt bonds, each state’s cap will be the greater of $100 multiplied by the state population or $305,315,000.

Updated 2/2/2017

2017 Poverty Guidelines Published

On January 31, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) published the 2017 poverty guidelines in the Federal Register (82 FR 8831) for the 48 contiguous states, the District of Columbia, Alaska and Hawaii. The figures were made effective January 26. These figures are used by HUD to determine the  Extremely Low-Income (ELI) limits which are mainly used by the Housing Choice Voucher Program. Despite the fact the poverty guidelines play no role in the Housing Credit or Bond (MTSP) income limit figures, HUD waits and releases both the HUD and MTSP limits at the same time. Of course, now that these figures are released, HUD will need a bit of time to incorporate this data into their calculations. Like last year when the limits were published on March 28, it is expected the 2017 Income Limits will also be published sometime in mid- to late-March.

Featured Products

The Compliance Monitor

The longest running and most subscribed to compliance and property management newsletter in the Tax Credit industry. Every issue discusses – in-depth – a compliance rule and how to best implement it in the field. It is also a tool for you to learn the latest that is happening in our industry including what new rules are being published; the latest interpretations that are being made in the gray areas; and the best techniques that are available to allow you to do your job better, faster and with less stress. Great for newcomers and veterans alike.

Articles Contained in
Recent Issues...
  • Effects of the Line 8b Election
  • A Detailed Look At An Acquisition/Rehab Rent-Up
  • Much Ado About Rents
  • TCAP and Exchange Compliance Requirements
  • IRS Opines on First Year Anniversary Recerts
  • Understanding Acquisition/Rehabs
  • Dealing with Multiple Allocations of Credits
  • Preparing for the 2011 Income Limits
  • Bed Bugs Possible Compliance Issue
  • Understanding the Development Side and How It Affects Compliance
  • Latest News on HUD's Data Collection
  • Arm Yourself for a New Era of Compliance
  • How Do You Calculate Year-To-Date Income? That is the Question
  • Limited English Proficiency (LEP) Guidance Causes Much Industry Concern
  • Designing Efficient Compliance Operations
  • Fair Housing Guru Provides Suggestions For Handling Fair Housing Complaints
  • Back to Basics: Calculating Social Security Increases
  • Understanding Noncompliance & Recapture

8 issues per year
1 Year Subscription Price
Normally: $249

If subscribe online today...
Pay only $239

Learn More     Add to Shopping Cart


Policy & Procedure Boot Camp-In-A-Box

Everything you need to create those compliance policies and procedures you’ve been putting off but know are crucial to the success of your properties. A step-by-step guide that tells you HOW to write your procedures and GUIDES you through the individual decisions that have to be made. This book has been described as “Tax Credits for Dummies” as it literally takes the most important compliance topics and walks you through the decisions you must make. But the best part, we include the actual policies and procedures ON A CD, so all you have to do is open the document and tweak it to meet your needs.

P&Ps include
(but are not limited to):
  • Accepting applications

  • Working with deployed military members

  • Determining household size

  • Verifying employment income

  • Working with self-employed individuals

  • Dealing with uncooperative sources

  • Handling expired verifications

  • Process for approving new move-ins

  • Completing annual recertifications

  • Resident File Order

  • Waiting lists

  • Recordkeeping and storage

  • Home-based businesses

Get your P&Ps done
in record time!
Only $695

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Certification Processing Kit (aka: Tax Credit Forms Package)

Don't let lack of proper documentation put you into noncompliance! Obtain every form you could ever possibly need to process your new move-ins, recertifications, unit transfers, property inspections, etc., etc. Virtually a form for every function you need to operate your Tax Credit property successfully... but more importantly... within the compliance requirements of the Program! Fully updated in 2011.

Forms include
(but are not limited to):
  • New applicant application
  • Recertification questionnaire
  • Numerous income & asset verification forms including employment, zero income, retirement accounts, bank, child support, unemployment, self-employment, disposed of asset, Social Security, TANF, etc., etc.
  • Full-time student forms
  • Live-in attendants forms
  • Clarification records
  • Income calculation worksheets
  • Lease up reports
  • Unit inspection forms
  • Verification tracking summary
  • Development map
  • Recertification notification letters
  • Unit transfer summaries


  • CD containing all forms in both Word and PDF formats for easy cross platform printing

  • A license to tweak forms for
    your company's specific needs
Special Web Price!!

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Elizabeth Moreland is the industry's foremost expert on Housing Credit compliance and property management issues. Since 1995, Elizabeth has helped thousands and thousands of hard working property managers, compliance specialists, developers, State Monitoring Agency staff, investors and asset managers master the complex regulations of the Housing Credit Program.

"Finally, someone who can translate
IRS verbiage into English! Yahoo!" 

Teri Hoerntlein, Comm. Manager
Southern Cal. Housing
Rancho Cucamonga, California

"Elizabeth is always up to the minute in the industry information!" 
Janice Higgins, Property Manager
The Hodges Companies, Concord, NH

Through her public and private workshops, Housing Credit Online Training Center, vast array of products and consulting services, and the National Compliance Professional Membership Group in which she founded, Elizabeth has become known as the person to go to when needing to learn the rules, facing a tough compliance or management issue, or hoping to network with other industry professionals from across the country!

Elizabeth holds numerous industry designations including...

  • the Site Compliance Specialist (SCS);
  • the National Compliance Professional-Executive (NCP-E);
  • Fair Housing Coordinator (FHC);
  • the Housing Credit Certified Professional (HCCP);
  • the Specialist in Housing Credit Management (SHCM); and
  • the Certified Occupancy Specialist (COS) in both HUD and Rural Development.

She is the author of the widely-acclaimed “Practical Solutions for Managing Tax Credit Developments” reference guide and is a frequent contributor in several industry publications including Affordable Housing Finance, the Tax Credit Advisor, the Tax Credit Housing Management Insider, the Journal of Property Management, Multi-Housing News, Units and Section 42 Outlook. She is on the Editorial Board of both Affordable Housing Finance and Tax Credit Housing Management Insider. She is also Editor-in-Chief of The Compliance Monitor, the industry’s longest running newsletter dedicated solely to Housing Credit compliance and management issues.

Elizabeth can be reached at…

6907 University Ave
Suite 196
Middleton, WI 53562

(800) 644-0390

(866) 466-5689

EMAIL: elizabeth.moreland@housingcredits.com















Hot Topics...

Looking for Tax Credit Training?

Look no further than the Housing Credit Online Training Center and its Online Exam Room!

A full array of courses available 24 hours... 7 days a week... even holidays if so inclined! All you need is a computer with high-speed internet access! So forget about traveling... forget about sitting in an uncomfortable chair for hours upon hours... forget about fellow classmates who insist on talking while you are trying to learn... RATHER...

  • Learn at your own convenience not on someone else's schedule...
  • While sitting in the comfort of your own office or home...
  • At your own pace...
  • Without the distracts often associated with a public training!

Classes range from a basic 3 hour course entitled Housing Credits 101: Compliance Basics to a comprehensive course that will allow you to learn everything you need to master site compliance entitled Housing Credits 245: Site Compliance Specialist! Whether you are new to the Tax Credit Program looking to learn the fundamentals or have years of experience looking to get a refresher and earn your continuing education credits, our Course Catalog contains the course for you!

Courses may be purchased...

  • Individually on a pay-per-view basis (most courses range from $49 to $249);
  • All together via our Course Package Plan for only $899 (saving you over $500); OR
  • With our Unlimited Training Subscription giving an entire company UNLIMITED ACCESS to all the core courses for UNLIMITED NUMBERS OF STUDENTS for an entire year for only $7995!

"I find it very difficult to get the time to travel to take a course. I'm very happy to have found this so that I can take courses in my own time no matter where I am. As well, I found the instructor pleasant." Beverly Blaul, Regional Manager, O'Malley's Property Mgmt., Alva, OK

"This is great. Easy, convenient, fast....and we won't be paying for mileage or hotel costs!" Teri Hoerntlein, So. California Housing, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

"The notion that travel to a major city for classroom training is too expensive for my properties is no longer a valid reason to not send all property staff to training. Send them to class in cyberspace! I went, and it didn't cost anything for travel. I could see and hear my instructor clearly, I could repeat any topic with a point and click of my mouse, I could take a break on "my" schedule, and I was able to learn what I needed to learn." Pam Mullinax, Director of Compliance, HSI Management, Inc., Atlanta, GA

"WOW! I just finished 3 classes in about 24 hours. . .it was extremely helpful. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I now have a much better understanding of the process and the confidence to get my job done correctly." Kathryn Davis, John Stewart Co., Sacramento, CA

"This is just what we need... the ability to either learn what we need to be successful in this industry or for some to continue their tax credit training. Two thumbs up Elizabeth...ingenious!" Tondi Cisneros, Hyder and Company, Palm Springs, CA
"This is just what I have been looking for to provide my staff - both in office and on-site - with a training tool without sending them miles away !" Sue Shepard, Lewis, Kirkeby & Hall Mgmt., Rapid City, SD
"Excellent material, very user friendly and with my busy schedule, it allows me to take the course whenever I want even while I am traveling." Charles Robinson, Regional Manager, Virtu Property Management, Tacoma, WA

"I knew nothing about Tax Credit and was very intimidated by it but now after going through these courses and taking the quizzes I have more confidence and believe that I can actually do it!" Kim Wolcott, Sonoma Ridge at Bennett Valley, Santa Rosa, CA

CLICK HERE to view the full Course Catalog...

Plus... if you need to become certified in Housing Credit compliance, you can easily, securely and comfortably take your compliance certification exam online at the Housing Credit Online Exam Room!

"I liked taking the online exam because I didn't feel any pressure and I could do it in the comfort of my own office without any distractions." Renee Champagne, Fairfield Residential, Providence, RI

"I would encourage anyone to take the exam online! I did and found it was very user-friendly and much more relaxing!"  Dawn Rezendes, University Heights Apartment Homes, Providence, RI

CLICK HERE to learn more about our certification exams...


5 Secrets to Mastering the Tax Credit Rules

If you have ever experienced the headaches and frustrations that come with learning or teaching the complex compliance and management requirements of the Tax Credit Program, consider the discovery of this website as your "prescription" to a healthy new way of life!

Tax Credit compliance is difficult. There is A LOT to it. The rules are complicated. And there are a lot of them. Throw in the complications caused by State-specific rules, numerous gray areas, and the likelihood of other Programs being on your property, you can see why learning and teaching this stuff causes migraines.

In the past, the only way to obtain Housing Credit training was to attend a workshop or seminar. Often this meant traveling out of town for several days and sitting through a lengthy course. Thankfully, those days are over. That model didn't work very well anyway. By attending a 1, 2, 3 or even 5 day training seminar, you are expecting miracles. Quite frankly, lengthy Tax Credit training workshops are boring. Students tend to have difficulty paying attention. Retention becomes minimal. Confusion and misunderstandings are common. Instead, the secrets to really, truly becoming proficient with this stuff are...

Secret #1: Take bit sized courses in an environment that is comfortable! Traditional seminars don't fit the realities of our lives. We are busy people. Our properties are like children and can't be left alone or unattended for long. Most attendees have to move mountains to come to such an event and often when they arrive are strapped to their cell phones the entire time because they can't fully leave their jobs behind.

A traditional 2 day seminar is like a lifetime away from the office!
But, by taking short, to-the-point courses on a specific concept or rule,
in an environment you are familiar and comfortable with,
you can learn and keep your other irons in the fire burning.

Secret #2: Hear the information when you are in a relaxed state of mind which means on your schedule not when you have a million and 1 things to tackle at the same time. Traditional seminars are scheduled without consideration to your schedule. Often they come to town at inconvenient times but because you know you need this information and know that this is your only opportunity, you drop everything to attend.

It is nearly impossible to learn when your head is elsewhere!
By having the courses available on your schedule, you triple your retention!

Secret #3: Tackle the complicated rules in chunks allowing your brain to fully grasp the information before it is forced to move on to another rule. Traditional seminars pack in a lot of information. They have to. It is not uncommon for these workshops to tackle 10 to 15 complicated rules. But our brains don't work that way. At the most we will retain 2 to 3 concepts fully.

This means over 80% of the information given is not retained!!!
By learning the rules in chunks you are matching the way
our brains learn increasing your retention tenfold!

Secret #4: Have the rules not just explained but illustrated so you can see how they work and then have the opportunity to practice them yourself showing you how to truly master them in your own world! Traditional seminars are lectures taught by someone standing behind a podium. But we learn in multiple ways... hearing, seeing and doing. Most lectures only use one learning method... hearing. A few also throw in some visual learning with a slide show. But the learning method that has the biggest impact on our learning and retention is the actual "doing" and traditional seminars are ill-equipped for this.

By taking courses that use all 3 learning methods
you will master the concepts quickly and easily and
most importantly successfully transfer them into your job!

Secret #5: Repeat the concepts until you have it! Traditional seminars have an agenda they must stick to. Time is a constraint and there is a lot of material to get through before the end. However, we all learn at different paces. Sometimes a concept strikes a chord with us and we become fixated on it causing us to miss the next agenda topic. Other times we find ourselves in the midst of a topic we have already mastered or doesn't apply to us so we become bored and find ourselves "waking up" in the middle of the next topic that is important and now we find ourselves lost. Or maybe... we just didn't get it and now the instructor is moving on to a new topic!

By taking courses at our own pace,
we can repeat information until we have got it,
skip information we have already mastered or doesn't apply,
and fixate on topics that are really, really important to us
taking as much or as little time as we need!

Now that is learning!! That is how you grasp and retain!!

At our Housing Credit Online Training Center we implement each and everyone of these secrets into our curriculum to maximize your learning experience! And... it has worked... the industry is raving about this unique and EFFECTIVE way of learning the rules and training their team members!!

"This is awesome! I love the speed and the information that the training center contains and your ability to review notes taken through out the course and going back and reviewing. You have two thumbs up from me. If I had three thumbs you would have it too!" Jett Woodwick, Standard Enterprises, Monroe, LA

"I finished the last course in my online training today. I just wanted to thank you for the convenience of this excellent training. Believe it or not, there is literally a blizzard (really!) raging outside right now and I just completed my tax credit training. Is that just too cool (no pun intended!) or what?  Plus I was able to complete the training from home without going to the office in this nasty weather. So once again, thanks so much!" Patti Edwards, Olynger Management Corporation, Gas City, IN

"I am addicted to your courses. They bring all the issues I was dealing with into very sharp focus and then behold, there was light!" Rose Mary Rodriguez, Daybreak Apartments, McFarland, CA

CLICK HERE to discover what everyone is raving about...


New to the Industry? Elizabeth's Training Recommendations...

To get started in this industry, you must first learn the site compliance rules. The quickest and easiest way to master these rules is with the Course Package Plan! This package of courses will walk you through everything you need to know to handle day-to-day compliance and management responsibilities. Package includes...

  • Fair Housing 101: A Fair Housing Primer

  • Housing Credits 101: Compliance Basics

  • Housing Credits 103: Income & Assets

  • Housing Credits 204: Unique Program Rules

  • Housing Credits 205: Income Limits, Rents & Utility Allowances 

  • Housing Credits 245: Site Compliance Specialist

  • The Site Compliance Practice Exam

If you purchased these courses individually, you would pay $1,642 
but with the Course Package Plan you save $843!! 

Your price: $799

LEARN MORE about the Course Package Plan...

CLICK HERE to register for the Course Package Plan...

Tips for Gaining More Knowledge in Tax Credit Compliance

If you have been working in the Tax Credit industry for a while, it may be time to add to your existing knowledge. OR, if you are returning to the industry after an absence, you are going to have to figure out what you've missed. The problem is WHERE DO YOU START?

The quickest and easiest way to determine what you need is by getting an honest, impartial assessment of your current knowledge. And that is exactly what the Compliance Assessment is designed to do.

The Compliance Assessment will pinpoint exactly where your current knowledge is at! By completing this assessment, you will determine what, IF ANY, courses you need to take next to bolster your knowledge. When completed, compare your scores to the Industry Proficiency Chart on Tax Credit Compliance and find out how you stand. Then, take the indicated courses suggested to you based on your score! It is simple, effective and wastes no time having you repeat subjects you have already mastered!

Also a great tool for supervisors looking to decide what team members need training and courses they should take. No wasting time or limited budget dollars on courses your team has already mastered!

ONLY: $49
to register for the Compliance Assessment...


Obtaining Continuing Education is a Snap!

All of our Housing Credit Online Training Center courses are approved for continuing education by the State Monitoring Agencies across the nation as well as for all the major industry designations including the NCP, NCP-E, HCCP, C3P, SHCM, and TaCCs. Besides the courses mentioned above, our Course Catalog includes...
  • Fair Housing 101: A Fair Housing Primer... 6 CEUs

  • Housing Credits 101: Compliance Basics... 3 CEUs

  • Housing Credits 103: Income & Assets... 4 CEUs

  • Housing Credits 204: Unique Program Rules... 4 CEUs

  • Housing Credits 205: Income Limits, Rents & Utility Allowances... 3 CEUs

  • Housing Credits 245: Site Compliance Specialist... 9 CEUs

  • Housing Credits 445: National Compliance Professional... 22 CEUs
  • Housing Credits 505: Final 8823 Guide... Review and Analysis... 3 CEUs
  • Housing Credits 510: Update & Review of the Full-Time Student Rule...4 CEUs
  • Housing Credits 515: Final Utility Allowance Regulations... 4 CEUs
  • Housing Credits 520: Understanding & Implementing H.R. 3221... 4 CEUs

CLICK HERE to obtain a description of each course...


Train Your ENTIRE Staff For Less Than What It Would Normally Cost To Train 1 or 2

The Unlimited Training Subscription

The Unlimited Training Subscription gives you...

  • A 12-month agreement that allows you UNLIMITED student enrollment in any of the core courses contained in the Online Training Center's Course Catalog;

  • UNLIMITED subscriptions to The Compliance Monitor-Online Newsletter & Article Archive so that each of your staff members can have access to the article archive; PLUS

  • ADMINISTRATOR access to the Online Training Center allowing YOU TO CONTROL the enrollments of your students so you can decide which classes each individual member of your staff should take or even repeat, when they should be taken and how much time they should be given to complete them; AS WELL AS

  • ACCESS to the Online Training Center's REPORTING & TRACKING FUNCTIONS so you may monitor your staff's progress and document their training history as well as see their course and individual quiz results!

  • The USE of our AUTOMATIC TRAINING SYSTEM further simplifying the responsibility of training your staff!! Simply enroll your employees as students and our Automatic Training System takes it from there systematically registering your students in all the courses in their proper order until all courses are complete resulting in a truly COMPLIANCE CONFIDENT team!!

The Unlimited Training Subscriptions not only simplifies the actual act of training your staff but if used to its fullest will result in each staff member…

  • Fully understanding the Housing Credit Program's site compliance responsibilities which instills Compliance Confidence;

  • Graduating from the Housing Credit College and receiving their Compliance Diploma; and

  • Being prepared to take the Site Compliance Exam which when passed will earn them their Site Compliance Specialist (SCS) designation.

  • PLUS... Having completed the Education Requirement of the National Compliance Professional (NCP) designation with the only remaining requirement to be filled to become a full blown NCP a 6 month Experience Requirement!

Not only will you have a well educated team
you will have a team that has earned 3 important industry designations!

The Benefits Are Numerous

  • The FIRST of which is obvious… UNLIMITED TRAINING! No limits! So go for it! If some months you need to register your whole staff and the next you only have 1 or 2 students… that is fine!  

  • The SECOND benefit is a KNOWN BUDGET EXPENSE! No more guessing how much you will need to budget for your training needs even if it turns out your training needs substantially increased from what you thought they would be! With the Unlimited Training Subscription the price remains the SAME… whether you train 1 or 100!  

  • And the THIRD is the FLEXIBILITY in scheduling the training! Register your people as you feel they are ready. Have them repeat classes if you feel that is important. Base your training decisions on the individual student’s ability and schedule, not because a seminar is coming to town on a specific day or because there is a price special that expires at the end of the month. Train your staff like you have always wanted to!!

How It Works... the beauty is in its simplicity! 

  • When you subscribe to the Unlimited Training Subscription, you will assign a staff person to be a Group Administrator of your account. And because we understand that your company may be very large or spread across multiple regions, you can have multiple Group Administrators if desired. 

  • The Group Administrator is then given special access to the Online Training Center and can set up staff members as Registered Users of the Training Center. The Group Administrator can make the entire staff Registered Users all at once or just a few at a time - whatever best meets your company's current situation. 

  • Once your staff members are made Registered Users, the Group Administrator will have complete control over which classes they should be enrolled in and whether they should be given access to The Compliance Monitor - Online Newsletter & its Article Archive. 

  • The Group Administrator also has the ability to choose if the company would like to take advantage of the Automatic Training System or would prefer to design his or her own training plan. Plus, if you have a large staff with varying levels of education, you can split your students into groups... with some using the Automatic Training System and with others only being registered for specified classes you have are the most important. 

  • The Group Administrator can then monitor and print reports on each student's progress including viewing quiz results so a specific training plan can be designed that works for each individual staff member! 

  • The system is designed to automatically send the students emails when they have been enrolled in a class, class have been extended, courses are about to expire, etc. Plus the Group Administrator can use the Communication Tools to contact the students quickly and easily! 

  • And finally, as your company hires new employees, they can be made Registered Users and be enrolled in courses or if you have people that leave your company, the Group Administrator can de-activate their account with just a few mouse clicks. So simple!

Please note... the Group Administrator will also be given access to a specially designed course that will walk him or her through the entire process of being a Group Administrator which includes printable reference materials for future reference and a Quick Start Guide to get the process rolling quickly and efficiently! Plus... we are always here for you! If you have any questions, comments or technical difficulties... just contact us at customersupport@housingcredits.com. 

LEARN MORE about the Unlimited Training Subscription

CLICK HERE to sign up now
(This will give you a PDF of the Unlimited Training Subscription Agreement.)


Compliance Certifications

Recently, I have received numerous questions about our compliance certifications/designations so I want to take a moment to clear this up for you. First please understand we have 2 different designations we administer...

  • the Site Compliance Specialist (SCS) designation which is meant for people who do the day-to-day site compliance work and

  • the National Compliance Professional (NCP or NCP-E) which is a more advanced designation that covers everything from allocation & development down to site compliance responsibilities and is meant for supervisors, Compliance Directors, owners, State Agency staff, investor,  asset managers or anyone striving to obtain such a position.

RECOMMENDATION: If you are new to the field, it is recommended you begin by earning your Site Compliance Specialist (SCS) designation and then, if needed or desired, earning your National Compliance Professional (NCP or NCP-E) designation.

To become a Site Compliance Specialist (SCS)...

Step #1: Pass the Site Compliance Exam. You don't have to take any courses if you think you can pass the exam without them. CLICK  HERE to take the Site Compliance Exam

Step #2: There is no step 2!! Once you pass the Site Compliance Exam, you are immediately bestowed with your SCS designation. There are no continuing education requirements or membership groups associated with this designation.

To become a National Compliance Professional (NCP/NCP-E)...

Step #1: Meet the Education Requirement in 1 of 2 ways...

  • Pass one of the major industry advanced level compliance exams. Either:

    • our National Compliance Exam

    • the Home Builder's HCCP test or

    • Spectrum's C3P test.

Our National Compliance Exam: If you decide to take our National Compliance Exam, the cost is $199 and is taken at the Housing Credit Online Exam Room. You do not have to take any courses prior to taking the exam if you think you can pass it without such education. Click the link above for a list of testable areas and to register. (Click here for more information on this exam.)

This is an advanced compliance exam. Testable areas go beyond those that are covered in the HC101 through HC245 courses. The best course to take to fully prepare you for this exam, or for that matter the Home Builder's HCCP or Spectrum's C3P is HC445.

If you take HC445, you will earn 22 credits, which is also enough to earn your Compliance Diploma -- see #2 below.

The Site Compliance Exam is a different exam and passing it does not meet this educational requirement as that exam only focuses on day-to-day compliance and does not touch on the advanced compliance issue.

Home Builder's HCCP or Spectrum's C3P tests: We do not administer these tests. The respective links above will take you to the information pages on those exams. Please understand, if you have already passed either the HCCP and/or the C3P tests, you have met the Education Requirement. We do not make you take our exam specifically if you passed one of these two.



  • Earn your Compliance Diploma by taking enough of our courses to accrue 21 credits through any combination of educational courses -- whether online or live (not conferences or Boot Camps).

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you meet BOTH of the educational requirements -- pass one of the advanced compliance tests and earn your Compliance Diploma -- you are eligible to become a National Compliance Professional-Executive (NCP-E) after you meet the experience requirement discussed next.

Step #2: Meet the Experience Requirement. The Experience Requirement is met when you have 6 months or more experience working in the Tax Credit field. Doesn't matter the position just that you have worked with Tax Credits specifically.

Step #3: Complete NCP Membership Application. You must join this group to become an NCP (or possibly NCP-Executive) by completing a 1 page application and paying an annual membership fee. There are 3 different membership fee levels... Regular, Silver or Gold. Regular memberships are $99. Silver and Gold membership levels change every year and include special tools you can pick up along with your NCP membership.

Step #4: Annually Renew Your Membership & Designation. All designations/memberships expire on 12/31. NCPs must earn 4 CEUs and NCP-Es must earn 6 CEUs as part of the renewal. Renewal notices are sent out beginning in mid-October.


Yikes... I Need Copies of My Certificates

If you need a copy or replacement certificate or want to order your OFFICIAL Compliance Diploma, Site Compliance Specialist (SCS) or National Compliance Professional (NCP or NCP-E) designation certificate, we can help you out. No charge for originals. Nominal charge for replacements or additional copies. Expedited shipping available for most at an additional cost based on rush delivery timeframe selected.

Replacement Certificates

Sometimes things get lost or misplaced. Its understandable. We have no problem replacing your certificates or sending you additional copies. We keep detailed records on the courses you have attended or taken online and the certificates you have earned. This includes any Certificates of Completion/Attendance, your Compliance Diploma, or your designation certificates (Site Compliance Specialist or National Compliance Professional). To order any of these replacement certificates, complete our order form and submit to our office. There is a nominal fee of $59 for each replacement. We also provide rush delivery options if you need us to expedite its processing. Be sure to complete the Rush Delivery portion of the form and the speed in which you need it delivered to you. Additional charges will apply for rush delivery and are based on the speed of delivery.

CLICK HERE to order your replacement certificates...

Ordering Your ORIGINAL Official Compliance Diploma

To earn your Compliance Diploma, you must earn 22 credits via one of our public workshops, private seminars or online courses at the Housing Credit Online Training Center. Courses taken through other vendors are not eligible. Once you have earned enough credits, you can order your official original diploma through us by completing our order form and indicating the courses you took to earn these credits. We will then review our records to verify all credits were indeed earned. Once approved, we will mail out your official Compliance Diploma suitable for framing. There is no charge for original Diplomas. Expedited shipping charges may apply if you need rush delivery. Be sure to indicate such on the order form. There is a nominal charge for replacements or additional copies. Follow the instructions above under Replacement Certificates to order replacement or additional copies of your Diploma.

CLICK HERE to order your ORIGINAL official Compliance Diploma...

Ordering Your ORIGINAL Official Site Compliance Specialist (SCS) Designation Certificate & Pin

To earn your Site Compliance Specialist (SCS) designation certificate, you must pass the Site Compliance Exam which can be taken at the Housing Credit Online Exam Room. When you pass this exam online, you are given the ability to printout your designation certificate. However, if desired, we also make available an official designation certificate and SCS pin to commemorate your success. To order this official designation certificate and pin, complete our order form and submit to our office. This is no charge for ORIGINAL Site Compliance Specialist designation certificates. Expedited shipping charges may apply if you need rush delivery. Be sure to indicate such on the order form. There is a nominal charge for replacements or additional copies. Follow the instructions above under Replacement Certificates to order replacement or additional copies of your SCS designation certificate.

CLICK HERE to order your ORIGINAL official SCS designation certificate...

Ordering Your ORIGINAL Official National Compliance Professional (NCP or NCP-E) Designation Certificate & Pin

To earn your National Compliance Professional (NCP or NCP-E) designation certificate, you must meet both an Education and Experience Requirement, complete a 1 page Membership Application and pay an annual membership fee. To order this official designation certificate and pin, complete the 1 page Membership Application and submit to our office. This is no charge for ORIGINAL National Compliance Professional designation certificates. There is a nominal charge for replacements or additional copies. Follow the instructions above under Replacement Certificates to order replacement or additional copies of your NCP/NCP-E designation certificate.

CLICK HERE to print out the NCP Membership Brochure and 1 page Membership Application (PDF)...


Retaking an Exam is as Easy as 1... 2... 3!

Exam retakes can be taken at any time. To retake one of our exams -- the Site Compliance Exam or the National Compliance Exam -- and pay only $49, you must order the retake using the Exam Order Form. Complete this form with payment information and submit to our office. Once your payment is processed, we will reset your exam and notify you within 2 to 3 business days (via EMAIL) that your exam retake is available.

CLICK HERE to print out an Exam Retake Order Form (PDF)


Renew Your NCP Membership

NCP designations and memberships expire on 12/31 each year and must be renewed. Renewal forms will be mailed out sometime in October, however, you can also renew online. Renewing online is the fastest and easiest way to renew. If your membership and designation have already expired, you can still renew. Just be sure you have the required number of continuing education hours earned and documentation available of such to submit with your renewal. Once received, your expired designation and membership will be renewed at its previous level.

CLICK HERE to renew your NCP Membership


Elizabeth Coaches Numerous Companies Through Intricacies of Compliance

Looking to have some compliance assurances? Want to put Elizabeth on your team? No problem. Elizabeth has over 20 years of Tax Credit compliance and management experience that can be put to use on your own team with her Compliance Coach service. Only $699 per year!! Per year... not per month or per day... PER YEAR!! This service provides you with 1 hour per month of time to ask Elizabeth compliance or management related questions via email or phone (toll-free). Great way to run by any questions you may have or difficult scenarios that may pop up.

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